Cash Giveaway Opportunity for Bloggers

cash giveaway

  Spring Into Cash Event Organized by: Mom Powered Media Grand Prize: $1,000 Visa Gift Card Event dates: 3/20 – 4/10 Open to all bloggers with 2,500 facebook fans or more. SIGN-UP HERE         [More...]

An Open Letter To Martha Stewart

not an expert

photo credit:David Costilli Dominici/ I just watched an interview you did with Bloomburg TV in which you basically said that bloggers can't be trusted because we are not experts. Well, you're half right. I'm not an expert. I didn't go to school to learn how to cook or make crafts. I certainly didn't go to school to learn [More...]

Featured in a Magazine


This will be a quick post but I have some exciting news I wanted to share. Remember the No Yelling Challenge that myself and a few other bloggers did this past summer? It turns out that a reporter for Maclean's Magazine (a fairly big magazine in Canada) found the challenge and featured us in her article about the detrimental effects that yelling [More...]

Let the little children come

pray for the families

My heart is heavy for those affected by the shooting in Connecticut. Please keep all of the families in prayer. The families of the victims of course, but also the family of the shooter, the police and other responders to the scene, and the hospital staff that cared for the few that were treated at the hospital. But when Jesus saw it, He was [More...]

Lilla Rose Special

Mothers Day Flexi Clip

Remember Lilla Rose? The company that makes those fabulous hair accessories called the Flexi Clip that I reviewed a while ago? If you didn't win the giveaway but still wanted to get something from the Lilla Rose website, now is the time. Lilla Rose is offering a brand new Flexi Clip in honour of Mother's day, and if you order before April 29, [More...]

Cook It In a Cup! Review and Giveaway


I was given the opportunity to review this great set for getting kids in the kitchen! It's called Cook It In a Cup! (Item number: D204) from For Small Hands. This fun and attractive set includes 6 food-grade quality silicone muffin cups and a recipe book. There are recipes for side dishes, breakfasts, desserts, and more. We tried the Brownie [More...]

A phrase I just don’t get

I know that there are a lot of regional sayings and phrases in different areas. Many of you probably think of Canadians saying "eh" a lot (and yes..sometimes I catch myself saying it..but not THAT often really!) There's one saying that I've never heard in person, though, that I just don't get, and wondering if it can be explained to me? I've [More...]