Tactile Letter Cards

tactile alphabet

Do you love the idea of sandpaper alphabet cards, but are too lazy to make them? I was. So I did this instead.   I went to Walmart, bought a set of glittery green chipboard letters for I think under $4.00 (and there were extras of some of the letters) in the scrapbooking section. I cut up some card stock (though you could use index [More...]

In our 2nd week of home school we did…

God Made Me

Here are some snapshots from last week's schooling! It's hard to see, but I traced around the kids to make life-sized pictures of them to colour. And then we did some cut-and-pasting. I'd intended for Tobi to work on writing some letters, but he's always resisting writing. Instead, he decided to use his magnet letters and match them up. [More...]

A Day in the Life Plans

Right now, we don't really have a daily routine. The kids get up between 6 and 7:30 (Annie and Josiah are early birds, Tobi sleeps in a bit), they eat breakfast when they get hungry, and the rest of the day they just play unless I have something in particular planned. We eat lunch around 11:30 or so, and Annie naps at 2. So, a few things happen at [More...]

Boats Ahoy Guest Post

Last night, when I was tucking Tobi in, he told me, "Mom I have a question.""Yes?""I really love boats..all the time!"Ok, so it wasn't really a question, but I told him that we could do something boat-related today.Want to find out what boat activity we did? Check out my guest post at Planet Weidknecht. [More...]

ABCs in the Driveway

A while ago I finally decided to go ahead and get a membership for Education Cubes for the kids. I have a hard time finding ways to do schoolwork that keeps Tobi interested, so one day I had him pick a colour of sidewalk chalk, and out we went to the driveway.We took turns rolling the cubes, then had to say and write the letter that came up. This [More...]

Summer Homeschool – Rain Clouds

With the threat of rain this morning, I thought, why not review what we learned about rain a couple of weeks ago? (This is when I realized that I didn't post our first rain activity, when I thought I had..oops!)Anyway..I got out the supplies we'd need for our new rain craft. Paper, glue, cotton balls, paintbrush, and a small bowl of water.First, we [More...]

Homeschool at a Reptile Zoo

ray's reptiles

A few weeks ago, we were blessed by my aunt with the gift of a year family pass to a local reptile zoo that she'd won at a charity auction. Since it was rainy today and out original plans wouldn't work, we decided to head over to the zoo for the first time. It's a small indoor zoo that is home to many different reptiles and a few mammals, [More...]