Analytics – SEO How-To Series

One of the tasks as a webmaster will be to track all of the information regarding your site so that you can plan an appropriate strategy for your keywords and campaigns. You do this by adding "analytics" code in the HTML and registering your site through various webmaster tools on major search engines. Without any analytics on a website, you [More...]

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? – SEO How-To Series

Hi everyone! This is Louis, the programmer-since-high-school, husband to my wonderful wife Savannah. I've been working a great deal on our favorite homeschooling mom's blog, and I have to say, SEO and overall page optimization was severely lacking! I was especially surprised considering that Blogger is hosted by Google and that you'd think, as a [More...]

Blogger SEO How-To Series Coming Soon!

In the last few days, my programmer-since-high-school husband has been going through my site and improving my SEO (search engine optimization.) He's spent hours going through almost every post and link. What is SEO? These are the keywords you use that will make a search engine say, "Hey! This site is relevant to that person's search...I'll bring [More...]