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Your SEO analysis in action – SEO How-To Series

Our last winner is "A Simple Twist of Faith" - Congrats!! Now that you've identified how to track information, analyzed your site for content and keywords, implemented SEO strategies into the correct coding standards and are ready to market yourself strongly, you need to do so effectively. There is no special recipe that will give you top [More...]

My husband's new company website,,  is finally ready! He started this on-line business a couple of years ago, but lack of time forced him to put it on the back-burner. Don't ask me how he has more time now that we have 3 kids instead of 1, and he has a 1hr commute each way to work instead of 15 minutes, but he's managed to [More...]

Keywords and Marketing for SEO – SEO How-To Series

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Tags and SEO – Which are important and add weight? – SEO How-To Series

Congratulations to last week's winner, Agape Love Designs and Photography! In this section of the series, I will address the more technical aspect of SEO; the actual code. The HTML coding can make a huge difference in how your site or blog appears to your visitors. Bad code can either make it a pain to read, or a most pleasant experience. The [More...]

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