I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will: Free Charlotte Mason Printable

charlotte mason printable

  Over the past several months I've been learning about the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling and have slowly been incorporating her ideas into our homeschool. I am very attracted to her ideas of short, engaging lessons, use of living books over textbooks, and the inclusion of artist, composer, and hymn studies into a child's [More...]

Free Bible Verses about Love Copywork Pages

love copywork download

It's almost Valentine's Day and I have a great download for you all! Part of our new morning routine for school has been starting each day with some copywork. It gives the children a nice way to ease into "school mode" with a task that they can all do well even though they aren't reading yet. I've made a bundle of 14 copywork pages, each with [More...]

New Morning Routines with a Printable and a Link-up

high five

  Welcome to the very first Busy at Home Link-Up! I asked you all on Facebook what kind of link-up would interest you the most and it seemed pretty much agreed that the best link-up would include any topics related to the home. I thought of the name Busy at Home from Titus 2:4-5 (NIV) 4 Then they can urge the younger women to love their [More...]

Christmas Around the World Printables

The other day I was reading on Facebook about how some people were looking for resources to do Christmas Around the World unit studies for the month of December. What a great idea! I don't think we'll do all of the ideas listed this year, but I think I'll keep this idea stashed away for next year I think. Here are two of the links that [More...]

If/Then Discipline Chart

There have been many times when I'd wonder what the proper discipline would be for certain behaviors. I didn't want to over-react (though I struggle with that) and yet I didn't want to be too soft, either. As a result, my discipline methods tend to be not as consistent as they should be. This morning, as I was browsing through Raising Arrows, I [More...]

Scavenger Hunt Printables!

Now that the weather is so much nicer my kids love to take a walk around the block; however, with 2 of them running ahead of me while I push the stroller, going for a walk can sometimes seem almost like a chore. I thought that maybe having something for them to do while we walk might keep them closer (and safer), so I started looking around for [More...]

Colours and Shapes Printables

colors and shapes printable

Here's another printable for you! A shapes and colours wheel! I think I originally saw the idea for this on the 1+1+1+1 blog, but the one available is in colour and I don't have a colour printer. So, I made my own and thought I'd share with anyone else who can only print in black and white. It does require more work in that you (or your child) [More...]