Free Bible Verses about Love Copywork Pages

love copywork download

It's almost Valentine's Day and I have a great download for you all! Part of our new morning routine for school has been starting each day with some copywork. It gives the children a nice way to ease into "school mode" with a task that they can all do well even though they aren't reading yet. I've made a bundle of 14 copywork pages, each with [More...]

New Morning Routines with a Printable and a Link-up

high five

  Welcome to the very first Busy at Home Link-Up! I asked you all on Facebook what kind of link-up would interest you the most and it seemed pretty much agreed that the best link-up would include any topics related to the home. I thought of the name Busy at Home from Titus 2:4-5 (NIV) 4 Then they can urge the younger women to love their [More...]

Christmas Around the World Printables

The other day I was reading on Facebook about how some people were looking for resources to do Christmas Around the World unit studies for the month of December. What a great idea! I don't think we'll do all of the ideas listed this year, but I think I'll keep this idea stashed away for next year I think. Here are two of the links that [More...]

If/Then Discipline Chart

There have been many times when I'd wonder what the proper discipline would be for certain behaviors. I didn't want to over-react (though I struggle with that) and yet I didn't want to be too soft, either. As a result, my discipline methods tend to be not as consistent as they should be. This morning, as I was browsing through Raising Arrows, I [More...]

Scavenger Hunt Printables!

Now that the weather is so much nicer my kids love to take a walk around the block; however, with 2 of them running ahead of me while I push the stroller, going for a walk can sometimes seem almost like a chore. I thought that maybe having something for them to do while we walk might keep them closer (and safer), so I started looking around for [More...]

Colours and Shapes Printables

colors and shapes printable

Here's another printable for you! A shapes and colours wheel! I think I originally saw the idea for this on the 1+1+1+1 blog, but the one available is in colour and I don't have a colour printer. So, I made my own and thought I'd share with anyone else who can only print in black and white. It does require more work in that you (or your child) [More...]

Alphabet Tracing J-Z

Here are the rest of the alphabet tracing pages!Letter JLetter KLetter LLetter M Letter NLetter OLetter PLetter QLetter RLetter SLetter TLetter ULetter VLetter WLetter XLetter YLetter Z [More...]