Home School Year Reflections

homeschool year reflections

Today I'm linking up with two other homeschooling bloggers and we're reflecting on the past year of our home schools! Michelle  from Simplify, Live, Love is a homeschooling mom of 4 in Iowa, and Cheryl from On The Old Path is a friend of mine who homesteads and homeschools  her 6 children here in Eastern Ontario. Although I've been doing [More...]

Scholastic Book Clubs for Homeschools

scholastic book clubs for home schools

I just learned something amazing a few weeks ago. According to Scholastic, a home school counts as a real school! Remember those Scholastic book catalogs you got in class every month as a kid? I loved them! And I'm sure my teachers loved me because I ALWAYS ordered something (and I just discovered that teachers earn coupons toward books [More...]

Homeschool Field Trip to the Animal Sanctuary

big sky ranch

This past Tuesday one of the homeschool groups that we're a part of made a field trip to a local animal Sanctuary, Big Sky Ranch. Louis took the day off of work so we were able to make it a nice family outing. The ranch takes in animals that need homes, whether it's because the old owners couldn't look after them any more due to a decline in [More...]

12 Canadian Picture Books We Love

12 picture books we love

The kids and I have read a lot of Canadian picture books this year as part of the home school curriculum we used and I wanted to share some of our favourites! Check out my blog post over at Ottawa Mommy Club blog to see our list of favourites and why we loved them. [More...]

A Glimpse of our Homeschool Day: Trying New Things

homeschool day

  Usually we do school in the afternoon when Josiah naps because he's just so busy that he ends up distracting the kids and myself. Now that he hasn't been napping consistently though, I've been having to rethink our school time approach. I had tried to involve him in our school time before but it always ended up in tantrums and [More...]

Free Custom Flashcard Templates

flashcards templates

Looking for a flashcards template so that you can easily make your own flashcards? Here you go! I designed two templates for making custom flashcards. You  just need to save the image file of the template, open it in your word processor program (I use Open Office...it's free!) then add your images and/or text on top. Voila! Click on the [More...]

2 Ingredient Air Drying Clay

modeling clay

I found this recipe for air drying modeling clay at Growing A Jeweled Rose and had to share. It turned out so well! You Need: 2 cups baking soda 1 cup cornstarch 1-1/2 cups water You Do: Whisk together your ingredients in a medium saucepan. Stir almost constantly over med-high heat. After several minutes, it will bubble and [More...]