Pregnancy Update; 16 Weeks

16 week pregnancy

  A few days ago I asked for prayer on my Facebook page because there was a possible complication with my pregnancy. My initial ultrasound at 11 weeks showed that I might have placenta accreta, which occurs when the placenta implants too deeply into the wall of the uterus and it can't detach after delivery. Obviously, this can be quite [More...]

Pregnancy Update 10 Weeks

week 10

image¬†credit:   I've been busy lately and struggling with writer's block. Not a very productive mix for try to blog! I don't have exact dates yet, but I'm already about 10 weeks along! A few weeks farther than my last pregnany lasted. I know that reaching the 2nd trimester doesn't mean the pregnancy will be completely [More...]

A New Year’s Announcement

rainbow baby pregnancy announcement

Happy New Year! I pray that your year is full of love, laughter, and uncountable blessings. I wanted to start the new year off with good news, so here you go! Our good news :) [More...]

6 Lessons I Learned Through Early Pregnancy Loss

early pregnancy loss

  I know there are lots of articles out there about pregnancy loss, but I think an early pregnancy loss is different in some ways than others. Not to say one is worse than the other, but that the emotions are just different. Also, I think the view that society seems to have on early loss is different. I didn't ever see the baby on [More...]

Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks

pregnancy 33 weeks

I've been meaning to do a pregnancy update for quite some time, but never thought to have Louis take a picture of me while it was convenient. Even this picture isn't that great; it was taken when it was getting dark out so the lighting isn't the best. Also, please ignore my "I hate having my picture taken because my smile is always fake looking" [More...]

The Gender Reveal

20 week ultrasound

I keep meaning to do a few pregnancy update posts, but I never seem to get around to it. This is probably in part because I don't like having my picture taken so I don't have any belly shots yet this pregnancy. It's also just been so busy! So far, everything is going great! I'm feeling well, I felt baby move for the first time on my [More...]

And Baby Makes 22 – for the Duggars

It's official; Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are expecting their 2oth child. How exciting for them! Unfortunately, the majority of the comments I've seen on Facebook have been negative, bashing, hurtful comments. And I just don't get it. If you don't agree with something, that's fine. But if you don't care, why go through the trouble of doing your [More...]