Pray for Ellie


Remember little Ellie? She's a beautiful local girl with a couple of very rare lung diseases. She's very ill right now and is being admitted to our children's hospital, CHEO. They are deciding whether to put her in ICU or not. Please pray for her, for her mom, for her health care team. She's been able to avoid hospital stays for several months [More...]

Ellie’s Story

Remember baby Ellie? She's a little girl with a rare lung disease. Even a simple cold can make her really sick. In fact, a few months ago, a simple (to most) virus put her in a coma for over a week, I think. Last weekend our local children's hospital, CHEO, had it's annual telethon. While we have been blessed with good health for the most part, [More...]

Pregnancy Update: How many are there?


  I know that it is normal to get bigger a bit earlier with each pregnancy, but since I'm a twin and therefore have a higher chance of having twins, I was wondering if I could possible by carrying twins this time. I never had a period after Josiah was born so I had no real way of knowing how far along I was when I found out I was pregnant [More...]

Sex Exhibit in a Children’s Museum?

I've recently become aware of a very disturbing exhibit that will soon be opening in a local children's museum, the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario. This exhibit, called Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition, is geared to teens. Anyone age 13 and over can view it without an adult around. Here are a few details from a different [More...]

Prayer Request for Baby with Lung Disease

Baby Ellie needs prayers. She's just turned one, and she was born with a really rare lung rare that there are only a few hundred documented cases in the world. Her lungs are very delicate, and a simple cold has a high chance of resulting in tissue damage that could ultimately require her to need a lung transplant. And she has a [More...]

Keep Praying for Joel

You might have noticed the button in my sidebar "Praying for Joel." Joel is the 6 year old son of my friend Cheryl from On The Old Path, who was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 4. He had surgery to remove the tumour, 6 weeks of radiation (I think..Cheryl, correct me if I'm wrong!) and then chemo up until this past spring. He's doing [More...]

Prayer Request: Leukemia

I can't give too many details, to respect the privacy of the family, but please pray for Luke. He's 4, and was diagnosed with leukemia a few days ago. He is currently at CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and is supposed to be having tests done today to determine which type of leukemia he has; please pray that it is the "easy" type. [More...]