The Pantry Challenge Wrap-Up

Last week I was a bit lazy and didn't make any bread. Oops! Otherwise, I think we did a really good job on the challenge. My hubby usually does most of the grocery shopping since it's easy for him to drop in at the store on his way home from work, and he did a pretty good job of getting only what we needed. We did get a few extra treats, but we [More...]

The Pantry Challenge Week 5

This week we went just above our $50 budget I think. The kids and I were sick pretty much all week so we bought extra soup and ginger ale. We also bought more bread since I didn't really have the energy to make it, and we bought extra milk because I made a new batch of yogurt (though hubby was smart and he found a 2L jug in the discount cooler for [More...]

The Pantry Challenge Week 4

And another week of pantry and freezer eating is over! We managed (barely) to stay under the $50 budget last week, but we had to stock up on some things. We were out of cheese, so bought 2 bricks on sale. We also ran out of margarine so bought a huge tub for $8..usually we get the smaller ones but with baking more lately we've been running out [More...]

Pantry Challenge Week 3

On Thursday evenings I go out to my ladies' accountability group with some friends. Last Thursday, when I got home, I was surprised (and happy!) to see that my husband had made a meal plan for 6 weeks! Along with a list of side dishes and a grocery list for each week, plus how much it would cost! If we can stick to the menu plan, the next 6 weeks [More...]

Pantry Challenge Week 2

I think we did pretty good last week! Granted, we'd bought milk the day before I started it (which is about 10 dollars for both kinds of milk we need to get), but we still only spent about $25-30 on groceries, and some of those were extras (my ladies accountability group had a pizza night and I brought veggies).So last week, we bought:2 green [More...]

Pantry Challenge Week 1

I've recently been looking for more ways to save money for my family. I don't really bring in an income (except for some pocket change from my Etsy shop), and since I'm responsible for the meals for the most part, at least I can help to save the money that my husband earns.While looking at a homeschooling blog, I found The Pantry Challenge. [More...]