Easy Easter Craft for Young Children


  I was feeling brave the other day and told the kids we were going to paint. I had seen this craft idea and we actually had everything we needed: canvas (I used flat ones that were in packs of 3 from the dollar store), masking tape or painter's tape, and paint. The set up is easy. Just put the tape on the canvas in the shape of a cross. [More...]

And this is why we homeschool

why we homeschool

One of the reasons, at least. This is Tobi after a major "a-ha!" moment. He's been really struggling to do carrying over in math because he kept wanting to work from left to right. He also has a very perfectionist personality and every time he would make a mistake, he would get so upset that we couldn't continue. I had him pick a few [More...]

And Then My Child Called a Code Blue

josiah sleeping

You may remember that last summer my son Josiah went to a pediatrician to see if he should be referred to be assessed for autism at the local children's hospital. I never heard from the hospital so on Monday I called them to find out that they had never received a referral so we had to go back to the pediatrician. Today we all went to the [More...]

Teaching a Child to Knit with a Fun Verse

teaching a child to knit

One of the gifts I made for Annie for Christmas was a knitting kit. She's shown interest in learning how to knit after watching me learn to knit over the last few months.   I purchased a nice lunch bag (I had originally planned to get a tin one but I couldn't find one I liked. The one I bought turned out to work really well because [More...]

A Birthday and a Cactus Cake

6th birthday

Yesterday was Tobi's 6th birthday! I can hardly believe it. We got a LEGO watch for him, which I was able to pay for with Amazon gift cards that I redeemed Swagbucks for.   After presents came the cake. I had tried to make it look like a rook from a chess game because he's been obsessed with chess lately. It didn't turn out [More...]

2 Recipes for 5 Minute Homemade Silly Putty

silly putty recipe

My kids and I made this the other day and they loved it! Best of all, it was quick, cheap, and easy. You need: 120 mL white glue 120 mL water 1/4 cup hot water 1/2 tsp borax food colouring Directions: First, measure out your glue. Next, add in the 120 mL of water. Stir, then add in your choice of food colouring. In a [More...]

First Snow Day of Winter 2013

snow day 2013

We woke up to a lot of snow today!   My husband was promoted to manager at work several months ago and he now has a bit more freedom to work from home on days with bad weather. I'm so thankful! He works an hour away (in good weather) and every winter he tells me of super close calls while commuting. He was staying home so I wasn't [More...]