Dandelion Honey Recipe

dandelion honey

  I know, I know. Honey comes from bees. But if you have dandelions and no bees, this is a yummy alternative! It may not be as healthy as honey because it uses processed sugar but it tastes surprisingly similar to honey and makes for a good treat. Making dandelion honey is a bit time consuming (mostly just letting the honey simmer) but [More...]

Easy Easter Craft for Young Children


  I was feeling brave the other day and told the kids we were going to paint. I had seen this craft idea and we actually had everything we needed: canvas (I used flat ones that were in packs of 3 from the dollar store), masking tape or painter's tape, and paint. The set up is easy. Just put the tape on the canvas in the shape of a cross. [More...]

Baked Pancakes Recipe and Homemaking Link-up

baked pancakes recipe

I don't know about you, but there has always been one part of a pancake breakfast that I always dreaded a bit. And that was flipping pancakes while trying to serve the kids. I almost always ended up with at least one burned pancake because I would get busy cutting pancakes and pouring syrup. I would stay quiet cooking to try to finish them all [More...]

How to Make Snow Ice Cream and Homemaking Link-up

how to make snow ice cream

We got another good dumping of snow the other day. They said it would only be 5-10cm. Yea..it was more than that overnight, and it snowed heavily the entire next day. When I opened the front door mid-morning, our driveway looked like this. There are actually 3 steps going down from the house to ground level. With all of this brand new, [More...]

2 Recipes for 5 Minute Homemade Silly Putty

silly putty recipe

My kids and I made this the other day and they loved it! Best of all, it was quick, cheap, and easy. You need: 120 mL white glue 120 mL water 1/4 cup hot water 1/2 tsp borax food colouring Directions: First, measure out your glue. Next, add in the 120 mL of water. Stir, then add in your choice of food colouring. In a [More...]

Meal Plan Monday 11/25

meal plan

It's Monday already and I'm planning our meals for the week! Monday- taco casserole Tuesday- chicken and rice Wednesday-  lasagna Thursday- shepherd's pie Friday-homemade pizza..it's been a while! Saturday- meatloaf Sunday- leftovers Once again, it's very simple meals using foods we already have in the house so that we can keep [More...]

Amish Chocolate Chip Banana Cake Recipe

amish chocolate chip banana cake

  This is delicious! I got the base recipe for the Banana Cake out of my Amish Friends Cookbook by Wanda Brunstetter. (Published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission.) Banana and chocolate just go so well together that I added chocolate chips to the recipe.  This recipe is super easy to put together so even young children can [More...]