Potty Training Guest Post

potty training

I think I mentioned before how difficult it was to potty train my oldest son, Tobias. I tried over and over and we would both just end up stressed and frustrated. He didn't agree with me that it was time for him to use the toilet, and I couldn't make him! Go check out my guest post today at The Humbled Homemaker in her Potty Training Series to [More...]

The Purse-onality Challenge

purse-onality challenge

Complaint-Free: Who Me? As I thumbed through a copy of A Complaint-Free World five years ago, I considered myself the most optimistic, positive, encouraging (and obviously humble) person I knew.   In fact, I joked to my husband that we needed to buy two (maybe three) dozen copies to give the long list of negative people in my life who [More...]

Kids’ Birthday Parties Tips

Kids Birthday Parties: Themes, Ideas and Planning Tips for Busy Moms   If you’re a mom, chances are, you’re busy. Nearly every night you think about how there aren’t enough hours in the day. Your to-do list is always as long as your arm, no matter how much you chip away at it every day. So, when it’s time to throw your next children’s [More...]

Enjoy Each Day: Guest Post

Nancy Horton

I have a guest post to share with you today! About 6 years ago, Nancy Horton, a wife and mother of 3 from my church, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After fighting and defeating the disease, she wrote a couple of books about her experience, which you can find by going to her website by clicking the link below. Despite her busy schedule, Nancy [More...]

Your SEO analysis in action – SEO How-To Series

Our last winner is "A Simple Twist of Faith" - Congrats!! Now that you've identified how to track information, analyzed your site for content and keywords, implemented SEO strategies into the correct coding standards and are ready to market yourself strongly, you need to do so effectively. There is no special recipe that will give you top [More...]

Keywords and Marketing for SEO – SEO How-To Series

Congratulations to Praises of a Wife an Mommy on winning the last SEO giveaway! With all this information about how you can analyze your site's traffic, optimize the code and decide where you have to place your keywords for maximum SEO weight. You'll also need to know what keywords to put. You can know all about SEO code, but without the proper [More...]

Boats Ahoy Guest Post

Last night, when I was tucking Tobi in, he told me, "Mom I have a question.""Yes?""I really love boats..all the time!"Ok, so it wasn't really a question, but I told him that we could do something boat-related today.Want to find out what boat activity we did? Check out my guest post at Planet Weidknecht. [More...]