Easy DIY Veggie Wash Station

easy veggie wash station

  Last year, my husband and I were trying to figure out an easier way to wash large amounts of garden vegetables. Bringing them into the house full of dirt and trying to take care of them in the little kitchen sink seemed like more work than it had to be. We eventually had the idea of using a laundry sink! We got this one for free by [More...]

Garden Progress 2015


Another year, another garden! This summer is getting away from me, I can't believe it's already mid-July! I should confess, I actually took these photos several weeks ago and had intended to post then.   We've got lots growing this year, although this photo doesn't show it all very well. After 2 years of so-so strawberries, those [More...]

Free Butterfly Garden Kit Offer

ASL butterfly

I just found a great offer! If you upload a picture of your children doing the ASL sign for "butterfly", the National Wildlife Federation will send you a free butterfly garden kit! Go here to get yours! This is while supplies last, so don't wait! [More...]

Garden Update (Finally!)

vegetable garden

I've been meaning to do garden updates pretty much ever since I planted the garden in the spring. I'm finally getting around to it! Last year our garden didn't do very well. All of our tomatoes got blight. Our strawberries all got mold. Several other vegetables didn't thrive (I can't even remember what all we had now.) We definitely lost money [More...]

Dandelion Honey Recipe

dandelion honey

  I know, I know. Honey comes from bees. But if you have dandelions and no bees, this is a yummy alternative! It may not be as healthy as honey because it uses processed sugar but it tastes surprisingly similar to honey and makes for a good treat. Making dandelion honey is a bit time consuming (mostly just letting the honey simmer) but [More...]

A Money-Making Endeavor

bean plant

Tobi is starting to want to have his own money. His birthday was in December and his birthday money is long gone. So he's come up with a few ideas to make some money this summer. One of his ideas was to have a plant sale. So the kids planted a bunch of beans (we started the plants late and I figured beans would grow the quickest..and we had the [More...]

Garden Update: Freezing Carrots

harvesting and storing your garden carrots

God is good! I really didn't expect much else from the garden this year to be honest, we'd kind of given up on it and neglected it. We did get a lot of strawberries in the spring, and we got some peas, beets, grape tomatoes, a couple of heads of broccoli, and our onions..but with such a dry summer this year everything else was doing pretty [More...]