A Money-Making Endeavor

bean plant

Tobi is starting to want to have his own money. His birthday was in December and his birthday money is long gone. So he's come up with a few ideas to make some money this summer. One of his ideas was to have a plant sale. So the kids planted a bunch of beans (we started the plants late and I figured beans would grow the quickest..and we had the [More...]

Garden Update: Freezing Carrots

harvesting and storing your garden carrots

God is good! I really didn't expect much else from the garden this year to be honest, we'd kind of given up on it and neglected it. We did get a lot of strawberries in the spring, and we got some peas, beets, grape tomatoes, a couple of heads of broccoli, and our onions..but with such a dry summer this year everything else was doing pretty [More...]

Meal Plan Monday July 16

meal plan

Have you entered the great Tupperware Giveaway that's open right now? It will only take you a minute, and you could win a Tupperware pitcher and tumblers! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was pretty good. The heat is getting to us though! It's been a super dry summer so far, with only about 20mm of rain since the beginning of June. Our [More...]

We’ve Got Veggies! {Garden Update}

veggie garden 2012

Though a garden does involve some initial start-up costs, it can be a great way to save money on produce. You don't even need to know how to can; many veggies freeze well! This is our 3rd year with a garden, and we've learned a lot over the last couple of summers. This looks like it will be our best harvest yet. (We lost a lot of veggies to birds [More...]

Garden Pests

garden pests

My husband has been grabbing various gardening books from thrift stores and one of them I think has become one of my favourites, just because of some of the humour they put into it. The book, entitled Fruits and Vegetables: Growing Your Own, by Rand McNally, has a section in the book devoted to common garden pests. Here are two of the [More...]

Our Garden 2012

garden 2012

Last year our garden didn't do very well. We still got lots of zucchini, peppers, cucumber, and tomatoes, but a lot of the seeds and seedlings were eaten by birds and squirrels. Later, agroundhog ate a bunch of my cucumbers. This year is a very experimental year for us. I think it will take a few posts to describe all that we're doing! (which is [More...]

Sun Dried Tomatoes

source Did you know you can make your own sun dried tomatoes? I've wanted to try using them in several recipes but when I looked at the store, sun dried tomatoes are so expensive! I couldn't justify the cost for just a few pieces of tomatoes. You can find the instructions for making your own sun dried tomatoes here, or you can do what I did and [More...]