If a Mama Wants a Shower…

If a mama wants a shower...

If a Mama wants a warm relaxing shower, She'll wait until the kids are all happy and then she'll put on a cartoon. After all, 22 minutes is plenty of time for a 10 minute shower. She'll hurry to the bathroom and not bother locking the door because the children are all distracted. She'll hop in as soon as the water is warm, not wasting a [More...]

Kid Interviews 2013


  At the end of 2011 I asked the kids several questions to try to see how they perceive things. I loved the answers! I forgot to ask them the same questions at the end of 2012, but here they are now! Annie was in a bit of a sour mood because she had just gotten out of time out, so some of them she didn't want to answer. 1.¬†What is [More...]

Water Play

water play

What are your kids' favourite water activities? [More...]

Garden Pests

garden pests

My husband has been grabbing various gardening books from thrift stores and one of them I think has become one of my favourites, just because of some of the humour they put into it. The book, entitled Fruits and Vegetables: Growing Your Own, by Rand McNally, has a section in the book devoted to common garden pests. Here are two of the [More...]

From the Mouths of Babes

Me: Clean up your toys, Tobi, and then you can have a drink before bed. Tobi: I have a great idea. You can clean up, and I'll wait at the table, and when you're done putting all the toys away you can come and get me juice. That's my great idea! Love it. But nice try. [More...]



It was time (well, way past due) that I tackled the sock basket.   How do you deal with loose socks? [More...]

Funny video of deer trapped in church!

If this doesn't make you smile, you need a vacation :) [More...]