And Then My Child Called a Code Blue

josiah sleeping

You may remember that last summer my son Josiah went to a pediatrician to see if he should be referred to be assessed for autism at the local children's hospital. I never heard from the hospital so on Monday I called them to find out that they had never received a referral so we had to go back to the pediatrician. Today we all went to the [More...]

If a Mama Wants a Shower…

If a mama wants a shower...

If a Mama wants a warm relaxing shower, She'll wait until the kids are all happy and then she'll put on a cartoon. After all, 22 minutes is plenty of time for a 10 minute shower. She'll hurry to the bathroom and not bother locking the door because the children are all distracted. She'll hop in as soon as the water is warm, not wasting a [More...]

Taking Out Dairy (and a Homemaking Link-Up)


This may not exactly be homemaking related but it's family life related. My 2-year old has had horrible eczema for a long time. Creams have only worked to lessen the rash now and again but the root cause is still there; the rash never fully goes away and always gets worse again. For a while, I've wondered if dairy could be the problem. Milk is [More...]

I’ve Lost Focus – Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track

  I've lost focus about what this blog is supposed to be. I'm sorry. I started this blog wanting to build community, encourage other mothers, and share about my journey as a homeschooling Mom. Instead, I started to drift away from these things and I focused too much on tactics to get the numbers to grow. I've been writing more reviews [More...]

Gabriel is One!

gabriel's first birthday

  Gabriel turned one on Monday! It's hard to believe that it's already been a whole year since he was born at home, in front of more people than I'd planned on. :P He really started to follow the other kids around and loves playing with them. Tobi's especially taken to him. Gabriel is my latest walker among the boys, possible [More...]

A Birthday and a Cactus Cake

6th birthday

Yesterday was Tobi's 6th birthday! I can hardly believe it. We got a LEGO watch for him, which I was able to pay for with Amazon gift cards that I redeemed Swagbucks for.   After presents came the cake. I had tried to make it look like a rook from a chess game because he's been obsessed with chess lately. It didn't turn out [More...]

Pre-Order Growing Up Duggar


  The Duggar family has been a big encouragement to me. Michelle is gentleness and patience itself, and I love how Jim Bob plans so many fun family outings. They work well together and despite years of fame, the family's values have been the same. They haven't lost sight of their faith or family goals. The Duggars are the first to admit [More...]