Bible Journaling

ESV journaling Bible review

I recently discovered Bible journaling. Loads of pictures and tutorials of people using art to express what the Scripture means to them. Moreover, I found out about journaling Bibles! I had wanted to use more colour in my Bible, personalize my studies more with markers and such, but the pages were too thin and the margins too small. I had some [More...]

Pregnancy Update; 16 Weeks

16 week pregnancy

  A few days ago I asked for prayer on my Facebook page because there was a possible complication with my pregnancy. My initial ultrasound at 11 weeks showed that I might have placenta accreta, which occurs when the placenta implants too deeply into the wall of the uterus and it can't detach after delivery. Obviously, this can be quite [More...]

The Great Backyard Bird Count

bird count

My kids love nature. My eldest son especially enjoys watching birds. However, it's winter and it's cold and I haven't been too enthusiastic about going on nature walks. I've been trying to keep nature study going in our homeschool throughout the winter months but looking at books just isn't the same as getting outdoors and exploring and seeing [More...]

Why the Socialization Argument Against Homeschoolers Doesn’t Hold Up

Every homeschooling parent is familiar with the question, "But how are the children going to be socialized?" or some other marked query of concern along the same lines. It's one of the questions that I prepared myself to answer right from the start, knowing that it would come up and come up often. But really..what is socialization? From [More...]

Book Review: A Father’s Love

A father's love

  A Father's Love Illustrated by David Miles Published by ZonderKidz Book Description A Father’s Love is a level two I Can Read! based on the NIV Adventure Bible—the number one Bible for kids. In this retelling of the story of the prodigal son, newly independent readers learn about how great a father’s love can be as they follow [More...]

Pregnancy Update 10 Weeks

week 10

image credit:   I've been busy lately and struggling with writer's block. Not a very productive mix for try to blog! I don't have exact dates yet, but I'm already about 10 weeks along! A few weeks farther than my last pregnany lasted. I know that reaching the 2nd trimester doesn't mean the pregnancy will be completely [More...]

Kale Egg Drop Soup Recipe

kale egg drop soup

  Doesn't that look good? Believe me, it's delicious. I've been wanting to try making egg drop soup for a long time and for some reason, I never got around to it. When I saw that chicken broth was on sale at the grocery store, I decided to go ahead and grab some! I usually have some homemade broth at home but I'm out and I don't see us [More...]