Crooked Legs but No Autism!

Quite a while ago I shared that we had some concerns about my 3 year-old's development and that he was going to be assessed for global delays. After being totally blown off by the first doctor we saw, we learned that because of his age we didn't actually need a doctor's referral for him to be assessed. Yesterday we finally had his appointment. [More...]

In response to “I’m just not into toddlers, even my own”

when you don't enjoy a parenting stage

I recently read this blog post written by a mom of 3 little ones, who is also a clinical psychologist. To sum up the article, Samantha (the mom) writes that she struggles with the toddler stage. She doesn't enjoy it and she realizes that she tends to not handle it in the best way. Believe me, I get it, Samantha! I have 4 little ones; my [More...]

Christian Wall Decal Review and Giveaway


I recently had the opportunity to review a product from Christian Vinyl Wall Art. I love it! I needed something to take up some dead wall space in our school room and I love that we now have some Scripture in that space.   I love it! I know that my photo is a bit crooked..actually, our floors are very not level and so that just makes [More...]

Not Back to School Pictures 2014-2015

school photo

It's that time of year again! I started this tradition of school photos after seeing it on Pinterest a few years ago. You can see the school photos from the years past here. Whether your kids are going to school or doing school at home, I hope you have a great school year!       [More...]

Superpoints is back!

Superpoints is back! You might remember Superpoints from a few years ago; it's a program similar to Swagbucks, in which you can earn rewards (such as gift cards or prizes) for a few clicks a day. You can sign up using my referral link and start building up your points! If you complete the profile and share your own referral link, you can also [More...]

Fruit-Full Kids Giveaway Wrap-up and Coupon

Congratulations to Sabrina, who won the set of Fruit-Full Kids plates! a Rafflecopter giveaway   Fruit-Full Kids has created a generous coupon code for all of you! Use the code SAVANNAH to receive 20% off any order. An order over $50 will still ship for free in the US, and the code INTROBUY3 is still available as well (buy 3 sets and [More...]

Why Newborn Sleep Training is Unhealthy

newborn sleep training

      I just read this article about how to make your newborn sleep through the night  and to be honest, it made me angry. Why? Because newborns weren't made to sleep through the night! Of course, there is the odd time when a newborn will sleep 5 or 6 hours a night from the start but that is not the norm. Most [More...]