Garden Update (Finally!)

I’ve been meaning to do garden updates pretty much ever since I planted the garden in the spring. I’m finally getting around to it!

Last year our garden didn’t do very well. All of our tomatoes got blight. Our strawberries all got mold. Several other vegetables didn’t thrive (I can’t even remember what all we had now.) We definitely lost money instead of saved.

This year, however, the garden is doing well! The only things that have completely failed were the carrots. I tried planting them twice to no avail.vegetable garden

We didn’t get a lot of strawberries, but that was to be expected because I transplanted most of them, trying to clean up our patch a bit. We did get enough to try out a sugar-free, pectin-free freezer jam recipe though. We just made it today so I’ll share later how it turns out.

Our onions are doing well. I’ve been dehydrating a bunch of them for green onion flakes as the kids aren’t really a fan of onions in their food. And, for the first time ever, I have broccoli growing that I planted from seed! Every other time I’ve tried, the plants got all floppy and died before I could even transplant them into the garden. So yes, I’m excited about broccoli.

vegetable garden

Tobi has taken on pumpkin duty again this year. He’s been doing a great job remembering to weed them and he has several little pumpkins growing so far. He’s looking forward to selling them in the fall.

vegetable garden

We have a ton of pepper plants this year. Peppers are something we like to cook with frequently and are expensive to buy. They freeze well so they’re the perfect money-saving crop for us.

vegetable garden

The kids are starting to enjoy eating peas off the vines (Ok, I am too! and although the beans haven’t yielded anything yet, they sure are tall and healthy looking! The beans are on the left trellis and are taller than me!

vegetable garden

I just love fresh peas from the garden.

vegetable garden

Our zucchini is growing like crazy. The plants are taller than my waist! If anyone local wants zucchini let me know. We usually grate or chop it and freeze it, but we’ll have a lot to spare.

vegetable garden

I tried out a new (to us) variety of cucumbers this year. We still have pickles from last year so I only wanted enough cucumber for snacks in the summer. These are a patio hybrid variety. I’m hoping they taste good! You can just barely see some baby cukes in there. I have them in a cage to hopefully save space.

vegetable garden

And lastly, our tomatoes. Because of the blight last year, we didn’t want to take any risks with them this year. Like our redneck planters? Nothing fancy but they work!

vegetable garden


Do you garden? Flowers or vegetables? How is it doing this year? I’d love to hear about it!


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