Chicken Pox!

Yep, that’s what our week has been this week. Our eldest started with chicken pox on Sunday. He’s been pretty miserable and complaining of pain on and off. I vaguely remember having them when I was 7 or so, but I don’t remember being in pain. Poor kid! Oatmeal baths have been his friend.

chicken pox

He’s starting to be on the mend though. I didn’t notice there being a large number of new pox today. He’s also been in a pretty good mood today despite getting almost no sleep last night. He even spent some time playing in the backyard.

chicken pox

When he first started getting the pox he I worried that he would only end up with a really mild case and then end up getting them again later. It turns out I didn’t have to worry. He’s got them everywhere, even on his palms and the soles of his feet. Socks, pants waistbands, underwear…all of these things have been very chaffing for him to wear. Thankfully he didn’t seem to get any in his mouth or in his eyes.

chicken pox

But, despite his itchiness, he still managed to smile for a photo with Mom. :)

chicken pox

I expect that we’ll have Round 2 in a couple of weeks when the others get it! Has chicken pox made its round in your family?

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  1. Only my 3 oldest the 3 younger ones haven’t had it…

  2. We don’t vaccinate so I know they’re inevitable but no looking forward to it lol! Hope he heals up quick! I do have a quick question, how long to they last?

    • RamblingsMom :

      They usually last about a week (at least, as blisters that are still contagious.) The scabbed sores can take a couple of weeks to heal completely.

  3. I pray that you and your family is much better soon. God bless.

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