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How Less is More

I’ve been slowly de-cluttering for a long time. I don’t know how we’ve ended up with so much stuff! I’m not naturally a very tidy or organized person and clutter and mess overwhelms me. I’ve also noticed how ungrateful the kids seem to have gotten with their belongings.

A while ago, we cleaned out the kids’ big toy-box, got smaller bins from IKEA, and started rotating their toys. This hasn’t been the perfect solution, mostly because I never really think to actually switch out the toys, but it’s helped with clutter a LOT.

We need to do more, though.

I recently brought 7 large bags and 2 big boxes full of stuff to the thrift store, and you can’t really see a difference in the house.

I still can’t keep on top of the mess. We still have so much stuff that we don’t use. We have clothes that we never wear. Toys that are never played with. Books that are never read (and believe me, it’s so hard to get rid of books!) Even lots of homeschooling supplies that I bought because “we could probably make use of them.”

I want to get rid of the unnecessary so that we can spend more time on the meaningful.

We live in a very materialistic world. Commercials and ads tell us that more is better. Bigger is better. Multiples of the same item is better. I don’t want my kids growing up believing these lies.

I want to teach them how less is more.

How is less more?

Less is more space.

Less is more time, because there is less stuff to have to clean up.

Less is more appreciation for what you have.

Less is (hopefully) more sharing with your siblings.

It’s amazing how much stuff can fit into a small space. Take, for example, the drawer in our kitchen island. This is what was in it.

less is more

Crazy, isn’t it? And most of that stuff is almost never, if at all, used! The majority of the items went into the “thrift store” bag. Here is what went back into the drawer. It’s still not completely tidy but it’s much less cluttered feeling.

less is more

My friend Cheryl from On The Old Path recently wrote about how she’s been simplifying her home. I’ve seen the show that she talks about in her post and I love the idea of completely emptying a room (or house) of all of its contents, bringing back only what you need, and living without the rest of it for a time before deciding what you will keep and what you will purge. Unfortunately, we don’t have the extra space to put an entire room’s contents on hold. Seeing the difference in the rooms that Cheryl shared about in her house has motivated me to do some more drastic de-cluttering, though.

What’s next?

I’m going to make a plan of attack on my home. The “tackle a room or a shelf when I feel like it” approach hasn’t been working. It draws out the task for months and by the time I get anywhere, we’ve brought more stuff into the house.

I’ll keep you updated as I make a plan and progress!

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  1. I am organized and my drawers still look like that. One thing I did do is purchased a large glass canister and it holds all KitchenAid mixer attachments and sits right on the counter next to the mixer, so when I need them, they are right there! I have a large knife block on the counter as well as a large utensil holder.
    Under my mixing cabinet are bins which hold my cake decorating supplies and other things I need close to the cutter, pastry/dough cutter things I use frequently but don’t want to clutter drawers. All my infrequently used pie pans, bread pans, etc. are in the drawer under the stove out of the way but close. My pastry mat is kept rolled around my rolling pin and my biscuit cutters and cookie cutters are in a can next to them in the cabinet. I use odd things like a citrus zester, garlic press, jar funnel and even chop sticks. You are on your way and yearly we clean out things the first week school is out in the summer and the week after Christmas! Good luck, you will get it!

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