What I Learned about Sharing the Gospel from the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate

nye ham debate

Like many of you, I watched the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate the other night.

I used to watch Bill Nye on the Science Guy show and I loved it. I was surprised to learn how close-minded Bill Nye is.

I thought that Ken Ham did a great job. He was very well prepared and researched on both sides of the debate, whereas Bill Nye seemed to know very little about the creation perspective. He kept referring to the creation model as “Ken Ham’s model”, as though Ken came up with it. He went off on wild rabbit trails and frankly, I had a hard time keeping my attention focused on him. I also found that Ken made much better use of technology, which was a bit ironic because Bill Nye kept stating that if one doesn’t believe in evolution, that individual must be against scientific technology as well. I guess it made sense in his mind? He was aggressive and insulting, trying to imply that Ken takes what he wants out of the Bible as fact and other parts as poetry (it’s all about context….)

I didn’t write this post just to bad-mouth Bill Nye though. I think he’s probably a great scientist, he just needs to open his mind to alternative theories a bit.

I wrote this post because I thought it was great how Ken kept bringing it back to God, back to the word. He was respectful of Bill Nye and his opinion but he held his ground and held onto his faith. He explained things in a way that wasn’t “Christianese.” As a result, even secular reporters were more drawn to Ken’s side of the debate.

What a great testimony. Ken was able to share the gospel with hundreds of thousands of people, and people listened! How many seeds of faith were planted? What an example of how we can present God’s word and grace and salvation.

What lessons can we learn from Ken’s performance?

Be prepared. Know what you’re talking about! Be familiar enough with the Bible to be able to quote it (in context!)

Be humble.

Be respectful. Don’t try to make other people agree with you, just present your side of it as clearly and simply as you can.

Be kind. Don’t talk down and don’t insult the other viewpoint. Saying “your belief is stupid” sounds the same as “you’re stupid” to the other person.

Pray. Ken stated in an interview later that he was praying throughout the debate, asking God for the right words. This is when my favourite line from the debate, “Actually Bill, there is a book…..” came to him.

Did you watch the debate? What did you take from it?

I’ve embedded the debate below in case you missed it. I don’t know if it will be available for free indefinitely, but it’s there for now so take advantage and watch it if you haven’t yet!

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  1. I didn’t watch the whole debate but I did watch parts of it. I enjoyed reading your summary and agree with the lessons you listed.

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