Free Bible Verses about Love Copywork Pages

love copywork download

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I have a great download for you all!

Part of our new morning routine for school has been starting each day with some copywork. It gives the children a nice way to ease into “school mode” with a task that they can all do well even though they aren’t reading yet.

I’ve made a bundle of 14 copywork pages, each with a different Bible verse about love. Each page has a Bible verse with its reference written in dotted lines for your child to trace and empty lines for them to copy the letters. There is a place for them to draw a picture as well. One page has 2 variations: the American and British/Canadian spelling of ┬áthe verse. (You have no idea how many times I’ve come across a great printable but didn’t want to use it because it was misspelled for Canadians!)

I plan on using these for the first 2 weeks of February; it’s a great way to lead up to Valentine’s Day!

Please download the Bible Verses about Love Copywork Pack here.

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  1. Cross-stitching some of the Corinthians verses for my gift for my Valentine boy. (My husband :)

  2. Thank you for the copy work sheets! They will be perfect for Abbey and Annamaria.

  3. hey thanks for sharing – just what I was looking for. This week we’ll be completing our ‘Space’ topic and I want to do some things on love… this is perfect!

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