Gabriel is One!

gabriel's first birthday


Gabriel turned one on Monday!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a whole year since he was born at home, in front of more people than I’d planned on. :P

He really started to follow the other kids around and loves playing with them. Tobi’s especially taken to him.

big brother

Gabriel is my latest walker among the boys, possible of all of the kids. It’s sad, but I can’t really remember exactly when Annie started walking. We moved right before her first birthday and that time frame is all a blur to me. He took his first steps on December 28th though, and he’s definitely walking now, although he crawls more than  walks still. After Tobi and Josiah were fully walking by 8.5 months and7.5 months old, it’s been a nice break to not be chasing after a running baby yet!

Gabriel standing

We just had a family supper and cake to celebrate Gabriel’s birthday. I made our family favourite tomato soup cake (it’s especially nice for a first birthday because it has a bit less sugar than many cakes) and Gabriel loved it.

first birthday

Gabriel has always been clingy, although now he’s starting to venture a bit farther away from me while he plays. He doesn’t sleep through the night yet. I wish! We just moved him to his own room so I’m hoping that will help. He’s still up at least 4 times a night. But, I guess that’s better than the 6-8 times he was up when he was still in our room.

He’s fun to watch and seems he can be a real character. He wasn’t impressed with the noise of the stand mixer when I was making whipped cream for his cake topping and he wasn’t afraid to show it.

too loud for the baby

He also seems to have a red-headed temper! If something isn’t pleasing to him he will let us know with a loud squack! I’m hoping that he will break of that habit before too long and have been encouraging quieter sounds. :P

Overall, he’s a joy and a real blessing and I look forward to the years to come. Happy birthday, Gabriel!


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  1. Happy Birthday Cutie!

  2. Happy Birthday Gabriel and what a beautiful young man you are!

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