Teaching a Child to Knit with a Fun Verse

teaching a child to knit

One of the gifts I made for Annie for Christmas was a knitting kit. She’s shown interest in learning how to knit after watching me learn to knit over the last few months.

knitting kit


I purchased a nice lunch bag (I had originally planned to get a tin one but I couldn’t find one I liked. The one I bought turned out to work really well because it has extra pockets inside.) I bought some child-sized knitting needles and some yarn, as well as some yarn needles and a fun tape measure.  I thought about getting her some wooden needles but the children’s ones that I found have a bit of a rubbery texture to them so that the yarn doesn’t slip as much; I thought these might be easier for her to manage.

I also put in a couple of crochet hooks and I plan on adding a pair of circular needles too, and see if she finds those easier to handle. She has a knitting doll that she received last year so I stuck that in as well. I just need to find her a small pair of scissors. Voila! A custom child’s knitting kit, something that retails anywhere from $25-$65!

knitting kit


She was having a hard time remembering how to knit each step when I came across a fun verse to help.

Through the fence,

Catch the sheep,

Bring him back,

And over he leaps!

This simple verse has helped her a lot and she managed to knit almost a whole row of her project by herself. I cast on and knit the first few rows first so that she had something a bit substantial to work with. She’s only 4.5 and her attention span only lasts so long but she’s proud of herself.

What are some gifts that your children received for Christmas?

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  1. We use that rhyme and a couple others too. Joel can not work his hands together yet to do it. He has never regained complete control of his right hand. So when he finger knits we say, “In to the lake pull out the snake!” Annie looks very intent on her work. She’ll have her own Etsy shop before 10!

  2. Hehe that would be great if she did!

    I wonder, how do you think Joel would do with loom knitting?

  3. I have been wondering if my 5 year old would be ready for knitting. Perhaps it’s time to pick up some needles and yarn!

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