Scholastic Book Clubs for Homeschools

I just learned something amazing a few weeks ago.

According to Scholastic, a home school counts as a real school!

scholastic book clubs for home schools

Remember those Scholastic book catalogs you got in class every month as a kid? I loved them! And I’m sure my teachers loved me because I ALWAYS ordered something (and I just discovered that teachers earn coupons toward books and classroom supplies for orders they send in.)

All I had to do was email Scholastic explaining that I was a home school mom and that I wanted to take part in the book clubs. I had to send in proof that we home school. Since Ontario doesn’t have any regulations for homeschooling I don’t have any official letter, but I sent in a home school group membership card…which is just a printed off form that I signed..and it was enough!

I told them my kids ages and within a few days I had 30 Scholastic catalogs delivered to my door! Unfortunately it’s a bit of a waste of paper because they send you enough for a classroom, but at least they can be recycled.

I picked a few books to order and submitted by order online. My books arrived in less than a week! Well, most of them. One set of books is on back-order but they sent me a free book for a consolation gift.

And those coupons for classroom supplies? Got some of those, too. The teacher catalog is dangerous to look through. All of those books and art supplies and math manipulatives and educational games and electronics…oh my.

(A little tip. If you want to earn those teachers coupons faster, ask some  friends or family if they would like to order some books through you.)

You can find the contact info for Scholastic Canada here or you can click here for the American Scholastic contact info.

Share the news! Feeding our book addictions just became easier and more fun.

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  1. That’s awesome! Never knew that. I’m in Ontario also. Every year I send an intent to homeschool form to our local homeschool liason and I receive a confirmation letter in return. So I’m sure that will work perfectly as proof. Thanks!

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