The Well Planned Day Planner: Review and Giveaway

well planned day planner giveawayI’ve heard so many great things about The Well Planned Day planner by Home Educating Family Association. I’ve really been needing some way of keeping all of my goals, lesson plans, and appointments organized (a couple of weeks ago I totally forgot about a Dr appointment..oops!) so I was excited to have the opportunity to review this planner.

It really is the planner of all planners! It has a place to write down everything I could think of needing to remember or keep track of.

I really like that this planner can be turned into basically a yearbook for the school year. The very first page has a place for a family picture, and family favourites (book, movie, activities, etc) of the year. There is also a full page to keep track of all the important dates you might need to remember for the year.

Next comes the budget pages. It is so important to keep close track of finances, so this is a great feature. There are several categories to help you keep track of your family’s finances. Incomes, car costs, insurance costs, food, entertainment,’s all there.

One of my favourite “small touches” the planner includes that I’ve never seen in other planners are all the tear-out pages! There are 6 tear-out shopping lists per month.

There are also 4 tear-out “My Responsibility” charts for kids. One side is for daily chores and the flip side is for their schooling. I plan on laminating these so that we can easily wipe and re-write on them.

well planned day planner giveaway

The Well Planned Day planner has a page for an educational plan for each student for the year. Here, you can put a picture of each child, their age, their strengths and challenges, and list the curriculum you plan on using for each subject. Throughout the planner there are default subjects listed: Bible, Math, English, Spelling, Vocab, Science, and History. There is also space to add additional subjects. On the Yearly Plan pages you can write down your homeschool expenses. Opposite each planning page is a daily schedule in 1/2 hr increments.

Another feature I love are the articles. Each month includes an encouraging article geared towards homeschooling families. I’m new at the whole “homeschooling” thing, so I found these to be an especially important item.

There are many other touches in the planner that make it stand out above other planners. There are dozens of inspiration and encouraging Scripture verses and quotes, as well as a weekly catechism. Also, it’s just pretty. Clear, vibrant images and colours make this planner just so nice to look at.

Overall, I’d give this planner 5 stars out of 5. I was expecting a great product and this has so much more than I’d imagined.


Some features I love about this planner:

  • Tear out shopping lists for each month.
  • There are places for pictures of your children; you can turn the planner into a yearbook!
  • Countless inspirational and encouraging articles, quotes, and Bible verses.
  • Weekly dinner menu.
  • Tear-out report cards for the end of the year.
  • Charts to make it super easy for you to keep track of attendance and grades.
  • Lots of room to write notes and goals for your year.
  • Household finances and duties sections.
  • Holiday organization category.

well planned day planner giveaway

There are some things you might want to consider about the planner:

  • It is geared towards families with 4 (or less) homeschooling children.
  • It’s full-page sized-not something you can stick in a small purse.
  • It has a list of holidays, but only U.S. holidays.

One of you will win one a copy of The Well Planned Day Planner.

Yes, I know it’s a month or so into the school year but there is a lot of year left!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. This giveaway is only open to US residents above the age of majority. Giveaway ends at midnight EST on October 21.

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