House Rules I Never Expected I’d have to Make

I thought I’d shared before some of the rules I never thought I’d have to make as a mom, but I can’t seem to find such a post in my archives so I guess I never got around to it!

toothpaste mess

Such rules included “bunny poop is not chocolate chips”, “don’t put toothpaste in your hair,” and “don’t throw the baby…” (don’t worry, he’s built like a tank and was fine.)

Lately, I’ve been finding myself making new rules.

┬áDon’t put crayons in the toaster.
No standing in the toilet.
Don’t draw on your face with a glue stick.

When I shared one of these on my Facebook page, I asked if there were any unique rules you’ve had to make as a ┬ámom. Here are some of the replies.

No legos in the DVD player
No smushing playdoh in hair
Don’t wash your clothes in the toilet
No PBJs in the VCR
Don’t feed bubbles to the dog
Don’t feed the baby from the litter box (ew!)
Don’t smell the cat’s bum
Don’t glue library book pages together

Are there any rules in your house that you never thought you’d have to make?

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  1. * no eating crayons,dog food or cat food
    *we MUST wear/keep clothes on in public
    *do not pour milk in your baby sisters hair, it is not “pretty”

  2. “Don’t smell the cat’s bum.” LOL!
    We had to put up a rule that said, “Bunny’s have privacy, too” and “Don’t lick people you don’t know.”
    Oh, there was also, “We don’t say Hey, Lady! to get someone’s attention…” “Don’t ask the cashier how old she is,” and the tried and true, “Take your finger out of your nose.”

    Great post! :D

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