“Be Still” Video Review

Be Still

We’re all busy these days.

We have so much technology to help us be more efficient in our tasks, but I think this has caused us to try to cram more into each day so we end up doing more!

When I was given the opportunity to review the short video, Be Still, with Lisa Chan, I was looking forward to receiving some encouragement and advice about how to, well, be still for a while.

I struggle with being still. One of my favourite quotes from the movie went something along the lines of, “we have the opportunity to be with Jesus every single day, and yet we don’t choose to sit at His feet.”

Oops. I’m guilty of that. How much time do I spend on the computer or something instead of spending time with the One who made me? The One who will guide me through anything and everything?

I tell myself that I need to get this done and that done but really, what could I need more than time with Jesus?

A few years ago, when money was really tight, we stopped tithing. Finances got worse. We finally realized that tithing needed to come first. We started to give again, and a few days after the first time, we got a surprise cheque in the mail for just over the amount we’d tithed. God knew our needs and met them. I think it works the same with our time. If we give Jesus our time, even if we don’t think we can, everything will fall into place. Maybe it won’t be easy, and maybe it won’t be the way we want it to, but Jesus knows our needs better than we do; He’ll take care of us.

I enjoyed this film. It isn’t very long but it is filled with encouragement. So many women today are overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed, anxious, and stressed. Lisa Chan shares how we can choose to Be Still and find hope, truth, and peace in God’s word.

I would recommend this video to every woman. Even if you are spending quality time with God, I’m sure this film will encourage you.

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