100 Days to Christmas: eBook Review

100 Days to Christmas, by Jennifer Tankersley100 Days to Christmas

I really enjoy a lot of the printables from List It, Plan It, so I was excited to read and review the new ebook, 100 Days to Christmas: A Daily Dose of Inspiration & Motivation for a Meaningful Holiday Season.

If you purchased last year’s 100 Days to Christmas, you can still benefit from buying this year’s ebook. The activities to help you prepare for Christmas is modified to fit this year’s calendar, and there are some new ideas within the book.

The ebook countdown begins on  September 16 and gives you day-by-day  ideas to help you prepare slowly for the holidays.  Everything is done in small amounts at a time, making it manageable and realistic for even the busiest of households.  There are even special lists for you to download that are only available to owners of 100 Days to Christmas to help you get organized.

The whole book isn’t just a list of to-dos. There are also lots of ideas for family fun, such as baking ideas, going on picnics, and making holiday crafts.

The ebook is full of practical tips that many of us just don’t think of in the moment, such as collecting all of the addresses you need to mail Christmas cards to ahead of time!

The ebook focuses mostly on American holidays, but it does give mention to the Canadian Thanksgiving (which falls in October instead of November) and Remembrance Day (which lands on the same day as Veteran’s Day.) If you are in Canada, like me, you might want to skip ahead a month to get the most of our the organizing tips to prepare for Thanksgiving.

100 Days of Christmas has lots of ideas for preparing for Halloween. I know that some families, including my own, do not celebrate Halloween. There are only 10 days in the ebook that are devoted solely to Halloween prep, so don’t feel you won’t be getting your money’s worth if you skip those days.

Overall, I think this is a great resource for families who are super busy and find themselves rushing around at the last minute trying to prepare for the holidays. Even if you have an idea as to what you want to get done ahead of time, you can find 100 Days to Christmas helpful because it lays everything out for you one day at a time. You don’t have to worry about wondering Where do I start? That part is already done!

If you would like to purchase the 100 Days to Christmas ebook for only $5, click here. You can also join their Facebook page for additional information.

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