All in a Day, or, Proof that Homeschool Moms Does Not Equal More Patience

I decided yesterday that I would record how our day went today for the Not Back To School “All in a Day” blog hop. I guess God wanted to use me to show that homeschool moms don’t magically have more patience than other moms, and that it’s not easy for us. I know I’m just started out, but if I had any doubt at all about God wanting us to home educate our kids, I think I would grab at it and consider public school.

6:03 I hear Josiah start to call out from his crib so I get up, bring him downstairs, and settle him with a sippy cup of milk and some Curious George. Louis gets up a few minutes later and we chat a bit while he gets his breakfast and prepares for work.

all in a homeschool day

6:30 Louis leaves for work, and I get Josiah some breakfast. For some reason he hasn’t been wanting to eat for a while, so most of his waffle ends up scattered around.

6:40 Tobi gets up and we sit on the couch and chat for a few minutes.

7:00 Annie gets up and we visit for a few minutes as well.

7:20 I decide to make Tobi a paper plate clock. I originally saw the idea for this on Pinterest.

all in a homeschool day

7:30 I decide that even though I woke up feeling fairly rested, some caffeine might not hurt. I don’t really like coffee taste, so I make a hot chocolate and add a scoop of instant coffee.

all in a homeschool day

When I go into the kitchen, I find Josiah on the table trying to dump the kids’ cups. Thankfully, they only had a few dribbles left in them.

all in a homeschool day

7:50 I go back into the kitchen to find Josiah using the dishwasher door to try to climb onto the counter. I start to wonder if I’ll actually be able to get anything done today while Josiah is awake.

8:00 Everyone has something in their belly and I want to get started with school. This doesn’t work out because every time I try to get started, Josiah starts to cry and whine about something or another so I have to deal with him first.

all in a homeschool day

8:55 We finally started with school because Josiah is content. His contentment lasts about 30 seconds. I try to do our weather board with Tobi and Annie while trying to keep Josiah happy. My frustration with the continuous whining starts to affect the overall mood of the house and within minutes Tobi is already trying to leave “school” and go back to his game.

We finally get through the weather board, and Tobi fills in day 2 for our 100 Days of School Countdown. I decide to skip the rest of what I had planned for “rug time” and get out Tobi’s journal because he said he wanted to draw something.

all in a homeschool day

9:00 Tobi throws a fit because Josiah comes near him when he tries to get his pencil out. Mommy goes into the other room to cool off for a few seconds while Tobi’s still whining and Josiah’s still whining. I come back to find Josiah trying to wreck Tobi’s journal. Deep breath. I take the journal away and give Josiah some plain paper to scribble on instead. It works for about 10 seconds. Thankfully, Josiah wanders off to play with some toys.

9:05 Mommy apologizes to Tobi for raising her voice, Tobi has calmed down and gotten his pencil out, and we get started. With help, Tobi sounds out the sentences I wrote in his journal, then copies them. He draws his picture and is proud of it. :)

9:10 We start on Tobi’s math book. After some encouragement and prompting, Tobi starts to get into it and does well.

all in a homeschool day

He says he wants to do another page but immediately stops trying. After Tobi gets frustrated because he keeps holding the pencil loosely close to the eraser end instead of near the tip like I suggest, I decide we’re done for now. Josiah is whining again/still, and I can feel my frustration levels rising more too.

9:18 Josiah is still grouchy and decides to pull a ton of books off their shelf. Mom takes a mommy time-out and puts another Curious George on the TV.

all in a homeschool day

10:25 I’m feeling slightly less Hulk-ish. The laundry is up on the line. Big kids are calmer and are finishing up a cartoon. I’m wondering what God sees in me that makes Him think I can do this, but I guess He knows better than I do, so I’ll keep at it. Josiah is still whining, crying, or screaming about something every couple of minutes. I give him a snack hoping that food in his belly will help. He eats a few bites than starts throwing it around everywhere. Oh well, I tried.

10:40 I read a story with Tobi. He picks out a Winnie the Pooh book. Josiah joins us and actually sits quietly.

10:50 I realize that Josiah has been happy for a few minutes on the couch with us, so I decide to draw a few clocks on the white board for Tobi to match up with digital time. As soon as my attention in on Tobi, Josiah starts whining and crying again. I explain to Tobi quickly again about how to read the half-hour (we had looked at it earlier on the clock I made him this morning) but he gets frustrated when he doesn’t get it immediately. Annie comes in whining, Josiah is still whining, and Tobi is grumpy now again as well.

10:55 I change Josiah and put him in bed. Usually he naps a little later but I decide that if he’s so bent on whining, he can do it from as far away from me as possible since nothing I’ve been trying to do for him makes a difference anyway. Praying he naps well. Wondering if it’s worth it to try school again today or if we should just leave it before I make Tobi start to dread school. I decide we’ve done enough unless Tobi asks to do more.

Class dismissed.

So, there you have it. Proof that homeschool Moms are not perfect.  We were not given an extra serving of patience when God was handing it out. Our days are not always easy, and we don’t necessarily have it all together.

I was, and still am slightly, discouraged today. However, I do know that God will enable me to do what He has called me to do, and I have no doubt that He wants us to homeschool. Yes, it will be hard. But since when is hard always  a bad thing? Working and learning our way through difficult situations helps us to grow and mature.

My kids will see me lose my patience, as they did today, but they will also see me apologize for it. They will see me struggle and persevere. What they won’t see is me doing is give up because it’s hard. 

I believe that God intended for families to be around each other a lot, especially the children as they grow up. In this society, a lot of families can’t do this. We’re blessed enough that homeschooling is an option for us and I don’t want to throw away all these extra hours and years I have to be around my children  just because sending them to school would be easier.

Also, I want to say thanks for all of the encouragement I received on my Facebook page this morning!

*This post is linked up with the “Not” Back-to-school Day in the Life blog hop.






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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Your wisdom and perspective really shine through–even on a rough day! Your day sounds SO much like many of our homeschool days. Even though it can be incredibly difficult to homeschool with little ones around, it is SO worth it. Every one of us are learning–and not just phonics and math! We are learning to be patient and loving, and to repent and forgive–and to trust God to help us all learn, in spite of ourselves!!! ;-) God bless you!

  2. This cracked me up! Oh, life with a baby! I love how you managed to get pictures of all those moments. I think I might have just crawled back in bed…lol. ok, not really but I often wish that on those kind of days.
    have a great year!

  3. Oh, girl – I hear your pain! I know how hard that is. But it gets better, I promise! And listen – you don’t have to have an elaborate Kindy or 1st grade. If you are doing math and learning to read, you are creating a solid foundation that you can build on once Josiah is a little easier. School doesn’t have to be done in the morning. You can try to do it during naptimes. Or on the weekends. You don’t have to do all the elaborate extras that the Super Moms do that make the rest of us feel inferior. If you need to hold off on the weather map or telling time because you only have so many chaos-free minutes in your day, then do it. Everything will work out in the end. When my oldest was doing kindergarten, if I got in 2 twenty-minute sessions a day, three days a week, I felt like a rock star. You can do it!

    (I hope this is not too bossy – I really just want to encourage you, and give you a virtual hug!)

  4. Great post! Where did you get your calender from?

  5. Thanks for being so honest and posting this! I would love to know if you have any advice or suggestions about teaching the children about God during the homeschooling, hectic, busyness of everyday life!?

  6. Thank you for your post. Some days, I just don’t feel I will get through this. I have a 3 year old daughter and a six month old boy. My daughter is a real challenge child, but it’s encouraging to see that everyone goes through struggles and I am not the only one apologizing to my kids. I wish God would just swoop down and magically give us patience and make things better, but I guess that’s not how the plan works. Thank you

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