Our Homeschooling Room (Sorta)

It’s School Room Week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop so I thought I’d share our school room. I say (sorta) because we don’t really have a school room; our school stuff is spread out where we could fit it. Please, don’t judge me by my mess. :P

This is the table that we’re going to try using this year for some of the sit-down work. I have it mostly cleared off – I’m still not sure what we’re going to do with the keyboard. It used to me my grandma’s and I love it. I want to keep it out so the kids can experiment on it, but I’m not sure where it will live yet. I plan on keeping colouring supplies and crayons available at this table at all times, too.

school table


Right now the colouring supplies are stored in the green bin, along with a school supply caddy I’m putting together. The caddy is actually the one that came with the Crayola markers the kids got for Christmas last year. I just took off the lids because they never stayed open.

colouring supplies

This table also has Tobi’s modified workbox. Originally, I had number labels for each folder in the day and a board on the front to stick them onto when he completed an activity, but the kids ripped them all off. I think it will work well enough without the numbers though.  I’ll put his daily work in the folders (one activity per folder) and the stuff he will use everyday that I don’t include in his regular activity list (like Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons) and stuff he doesn’t use every day (like his math journal or writing journal) will be stored behind the folders. That way, they’re easily accessible but still stored away.

modified workbox

This is our storage area. Louis found these inexpensive pantries at Walmart. They keep the clutter out of sight, and out of Josiah’s reach! (notice the child locks…)

homeschool supply storage

The first pantry has my stuff in it. Some of it is homeschooling books and resources that we aren’t using. There are also extra supplies like folders, laminator sleeves, and envelopes, as well as my craft stuff (fabric and yarn, etc.)

homeschool storage

The other pantry is the kids’ stuff. It in are their craft supplies, homeschool activities, some workbooks that didn’t fit in my pantry, games, and puzzles. The blue bin at the bottom has a bunch of ziploc bags containing learning games that I can quickly just reach in and grab if I need something to entertain a child for a short time.

homeschool storage

We also have a book corner. I rotate out which books are on the shelves to try to keep the kids interested. The rest of their books are on a regular bookshelf in the other room. I will probably put the weather/calender board we have on the white closet door that’s in the corner. We’ll have to see if Josiah can reach it, and if so, if he leaves it alone. The couch is just a few feet away, so there is a comfy place for the kids to read. There’s an exercise stepper right beside the closet right now, but if I can find a new place for it, I’ll try to find some big cushions for the kids to sit on for reading as well.

homeschool reading corner

And that’s about it! I know we’ll probably be using our kitchen table a lot as well, but I didn’t really want to take a picture of my messy kitchen.

How are you setting up your homeschool space this year?

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  1. You’ve got things covered, love it! I like how your books are displayed. The kids love seeing covers so much more than spines don’t they? :) Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours!

  2. I love the “Love Jesus” poster and the book shelves! Looks great!

  3. I LOVE the subway art — I’ve been eyeing a similar piece. Hmmm… I might need to treat myself to decorate some of the wall in this new place. ;-) Thanks for visiting me at Raising Lifelong Learners. I’m looking forward to following your adventures {I just liked you on FB}.

    • Thanks :) A friend got me the subway art family rules from an Etsy shop..I can’t remember which one though. I love it as well :)

  4. Great organization with those folders. I need to do something like that. Should have picked up a bunch when they were on sale this month. Love your little helper holding the door! :)
    Thanks for stopping by!


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