DIY Kids’ Play Kitchen

I’ve been loving the play kitchens I’ve seen around Pinterest that people have been making out of old nightstands, dressers, and end tables. Our kids had a plastic one, but it didn’t seem well built, it was bulky because it was intended to be put in the corner of a room and we didn’t have a corner to put in it, and it just wasn’t that nice to look at.

Last week, I weeded out a ton of the kids kitchen play toys and sold the toy kitchen and extra toys for $20. That became my budget for a new kitchen for them!

I think it was the same day I sold it that hubby just happened to find this vanity on his way home from work.

DIY Play Kitchen



The laminate finish was in good shape, but the rest of the shelf was a bit damaged. The tracks for the drawer were broken and one corner of a door was broken as well.

The piece of furniture itself was bigger than I’d planned on using, but was free. Not going to be picky!

My husband helped a LOT with this project, since I’m not used to using the power saws.

This is what we ended up with!

DIY Play Kitchen


First, we switched out the top shelf and the half-shelf that supported the drawer originally. That made the kitchen counter at perfect kid-height, and created a storage shelf on top. I removed all of the door handles and the magnet closure. The broken door became the divider between the oven and the pantry.

I had found a square cake pan at the thrift store, and that became the sink. Hubby cut a hole in the counter to fit it, and screwed it down. We were given the faucet through a local Facebook swap group.

The oven door was made with the remaining door. We just put hinges on the bottom. Hubby used big hinges and put them on the outside because we knew that there’s a good chance Josiah will try climbing this, and we wanted it to be as strong as possible. Having the hinges on the outside might not look as nice, but it supports the door from the bottom and will be stronger. We used the magnetic closure latch from the original doors to close the oven.

The oven and pantry each have one shelf inside; hubby made these using wood from a broken shelf we already had that just happened to be an almost identical white laminate! That’s the only wood used in the kitchen that wasn’t a part of the original piece of furniture.

I used a handle and wooden craft knobs that we already had to make the oven door handle and the stove controls. I spray painted them bright red. I had originally wanted to paint the whole kitchen a fun colour, but that seemed pointless when we ended up with something that already had a nice finish. I also painted an empty soup can to hold the larger utensils.

To make the stove burners, I traced a couple of drink mix container lids. The only black paint I had hadn’t been used in over a year and I didn’t want to try to mix it, so I coloured them with Sharpie. They will eventually need to be painted, but for now they’ll do.

I made the curtain using fabric I already had in my stash. It’s attached with velcro. ┬áThe bowls on the top shelf are from a salad bowl set that I got at a yard sale last summer.

Later, I plan on painting a chalkboard menu board on the side, but that will wait for another time.

All in all, I’m very pleased with how this turned out. I love it! Thankfully, the kids do too.

Cost breakdown:

  • cake pan for sink: $1
  • tea pot: $1
  • hinges: $6
  • cabinet for kitchen: free, found on the side of the road
  • wood for oven and pantry shelves: free from our shed
  • faucet: free from Facebook swap group
  • curtain fabric and velcro: free from my stash
  • storage bowls: free from our kitchen
  • craft knobs and oven handle: free, hubby already had some in the shed
  • spray paint: free, I got a whole bunch of different colours a while ago from the same Facebook swap group
  • nails and screws: free, hubby already had tons

Total cost: $8, plus several hours of our weekend.

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