Meal Plan Monday July 30

I hope everyone had a good weekend! ¬†We sure did, though it was a busy and full one. We went to visit my mom, and also were able to see my aunt, cousins, and grandpa. We stayed overnight in a hotel so that we didn’t have to do too much driving in one day, and the kids loved spending so much time with Grandma! Pics coming soon :)

meal plan


Monday- spaghetti..something that is never a fight to get the kids to eat :P

Tuesday- fish with dill sauce on rice

Wednesday- steak and home fries

Thursday- fajitas (I’ll cook some extra steak on Wednesday to use for this)

Friday- homemade pizza

Saturday- chicken alfredo

Sunday- fridge buffet


What are you cooking this week?

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  1. Sometimes, I really don’t know what I have planned on the menu a week in advance. It depends on how much time I have to cook. For tomorrow, I am thinking macaroni. My husband and I love steak. I enjoy visiting your blog. Visit me anytime at :)

  2. This is great. I don’t normally plan out meals like this but happen to be doing so for my upcoming trip away. My two still at home daughters are 18 and 19 but one is in beauty school all day and the other one is nannying all day. So I have to have some meals planned so my husband can eat right away when they all get home. I have a blog for Christian moms too so stop by and say hi. blessings, Amy

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