3 Littles in a Hotel Room..Advice?


This weekend we’ll be staying in a small hotel as a family for the first time. It’s only for one night, and we’re hoping that we will be able to avoid the hotel room for as much of the day as possible, but there is the chance of rain on the weekend.

We’ll all be sharing one room, of course. The two older kids are used to sharing a room, but not used to sharing a bed. Josiah is used to a big crib, and he’ll have to sleep in the playpen. He isn’t used to going to bed with others in the room.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for helping the kids get to sleep OK in a new place (this isn’t the first time for the older two sleeping away from home, but it is the first time sharing a room with so many people. Josiah has only slept at home) and for helping them fall asleep with others in the room.

I was planning on letting them bring a stuffed animal each, even though they usually don’t sleep with them. I was thinking of bringing the baby monitor so we could step out while they try to fall asleep.

Morning could be another issue — Josiah tends to wake up around 6, usually earlier. The other two sleep in til 7ish usually (this morning they both slept in til 8:30!)

Aside from just having a milk cup,a diaper, the stroller, and my clothes ready to make a quick bathroom stop and exit, is there anything I might not be thinking of that might make things easier?

I know it probably won’t be too bad but I figured some of you have probably stayed at hotels with small children before, so thought I’d ask.


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  1. We just experienced this situation last month. We’d never stayed in a hotel with all three children before. If I could do anything differently, I’d have taken a couple of nightlights, just so they’d have had the same amount of light they were accustomed to.

    Hoep you all have a great time!

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