In a Year…A List of Goals


I wasn’t thinking of mentioning my birthday (yes, it’s today :) ), but I kept thinking about how the last couple of years my friend Cheryl at On The Old Path, on her birthday, wrote out lists of things she’d like to accomplish before her next birthday. I think that’s a great idea so I thought I’d copy her try it.

**Before I get any farther, I wanted to pass out a Happy Birthday to both my twin brother, Matt, and to my cousin, Kim, as well. It’s not to often there are three people in a family with the same birthday! I hope you guys have a fantastic day.

So, here is my list of goals of things to accomplish before my next birthday. I was trying to think of how many to write. Cheryl wrote one item on her list per year of her age. My first thought was “yea right…that’s setting myself up to fail.” But I think I’m going to do that anyway. A challenge is a good thing, right?

1. Get back in the habit of reading my Bible daily (by myself and with the kids.) I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been slacking greatly on this for a long time.

2. Learn to can something new.

3. Teach Tobi to read (I know that this also depends on his readiness, so we’ll see!)

4. Start doing memory verses again (for myself, and the kids) — Again, I’ve been slacking with the Word.

5. Bake my own bread at least once a month.

6. Get the kids (and myself) in a more consistent chore routine.

7.  Make (sew or crochet) one piece of clothing for each of my kids (including the baby that’s coming.)

8. Make a quilt.

9. Organize the kids’ books..I love the idea of colour-coded stickers on the books to sort them  by genre or topic, but I only got so far as to do our french books…about 6 months ago.

10. Declutter! I hope to give away a box or bag of stuff per month. Doesn’t have to be a big bag..just something.

11. Grow garlic in next year’s garden.

12. Finish the devotional e-book I started writing..and never finished.

13. Exercise least twice a week. (And it’s not allowed to be only slow, dawdling walks with the kids.) :P

14. Drink more water.

15. Do one craft with the kids each week..even if it’s a bit messy.

16. Make ice cream with the kids.

17. Do at least one big freezer-cooking day…preferably before baby comes.

18. Take the kids skating this winter (sad to say, even with our long winters and an arena just around the corner, we still haven’t done this.)

19. Do all baking from scratch…no boxed cakes!

20. Start (and keep up!) a thankfulness book or jar.

21. Pray with the kids each day (besides at meals and bedtime.)

22. Quit biting my nails. I know, it’s a horrible habit. So far, I haven’t been able to quit for more than a couple of months.

23. Be more organized (and intentional) with my computer time, so that I spend more time with my family.

24. Learn to make at least 2 different kinds of pie (I’ve never successfully made a pie before..something always didn’t turn out.)

25. Make at least half of the Christmas gifts I/we give this year.

26. Bring the kids to the library more often, even if it’s one child at a time. I tend to not go very often because it ends up with me asking them to look for books instead of playing with the toys and stopping Josiah from climbing shelves/pulling down books/ running everywhere.

27. Try making homemade dishwasher detergent the next time we run out of the commercial stuff.

So there we have it. I’ll have to print this out and keep it somewhere close at hand so that I don’t forget about it. We’ll see in a year how far I get!


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