When the kids seem too happy…

…there is probably a good reason for it. And Mom may not like it.

While I was busy weeding my slightly neglected garden, I heard the kids laughing on the porch. After a couple of minutes I look up, and see this.

sunscreen massive mess

2 kids, 2 tubes of sunscreen, and 2 minutes.

You can see that it’s all over the porch, door, themselves….

sunscreen massive mess

The wall and tables…

sunscreen massive mess

sunscreen massive mess

Right to the other end of the porch…

sunscreen massive mess

Including huge gobs on the baby’s clothes and hair.

sunscreen massive mess

Have you ever tried to wash out huge amounts of sunscreen from hair? After several washings it is still greasy. Thankfully sunscreen does just soak in…it will just take a while this time, I think.

While I do know that Tobi knows better than to play with sunscreen, or to make huge messes, I know that this also wouldn’t have happened if I’d been keeping a better eye on them. A reminder that even 2 minutes can mean something. Thankfully, what they were doing was messy but not dangerous.

And we’ll laugh about it later, right?

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  1. that is something my almost 3year old would do. he’s forever reaching things i didnt he could reach. like you said, thankfully it was just sunscreen

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