Modest Swimsuit for Under $30

For years I’ve felt uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit around people, but I never was really comfy wearing t-shirt and shorts over one either. I finally discovered modest swimwear online last year, but it costs a LOT! I’m very cheap..I mean, frugal…and I just couldn’t justify spending $70-$100 on something I would only wear a couple of times a year and that I couldn’t be certain if it would even still fit me next year.

I saw a new friend in a very modest swimsuit a couple of weekends ago and asked her where she got it. It turns out she bought it at Walmart, and that it wasn’t an actual swimsuit. It’s a line of Athletic Works sports wear called Dri-more. She had a capris-style bottoms with a built in skirt with a swim shirt. And she said it only cost her $20!

modest swimwear under 30 dollars

Why hadn’t I ever thought of that?

I went to Walmart and sure enough, they had the dri-more clothing. It feels pretty much like swimwear. I wasn’t able to find capris pants with a skirt, but I was able to find plain capris pants and a tank top (with built in bra) made with the dri-more material. You can’t see it in the photo, but the waistband of the pants matches the tank top.

I love that I am covered! From shoulders to knees! The shirt is long enough that it’s not too bad without the skirt on the bottoms, though I do have a swimsuit skirt that I might wear with it. And what’s more, it was only $12 per piece. Usually I wouldn’t like to spend $25 on a swimsuit, but considering that it actually covers me in a way I’m comfortable with and was about a third of the price of the “real” modest swimwear you can find online (plus, I think, nicer looking..but that’s just me), I happily paid the money.

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  1. Oh WOW! Thank you Savannah for sharing! I am going to show this to my 15, almost 16 year old daughter… I bet she will love this idea for a modest swimsuit…. as we’ve been looking for something for her. Was it in the workout clothes section at Walmart?

  2. The only problem is that the Walmart activewear may not be UV50+ nor chlorine resistant. High quality swimwear fabric with those properties do cost more, but will last longer in the pool.
    MarSea Modest SunSafe Swim & Gymwear offers over 30 styles of chlorine resistant activewear that is quick-drying, non-transparent (the top above seems to be), loose-fitting, breathable and dry-wicking. Our slogan is “Cover what you want…in style!” Please visit and contact us for further information. We also have clearance items for those on a budget, and we can help put together a reasonably priced high quality modest swim outfit.

  3. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I think it will work great for us even if its not chlorine or UV resistant. We don’t have a pool or live near a beach so we don’t swim all that often. This will work great for the occasional pool visit, vacation or for the girls to wear playing in the sprinkler outside. Thanks again!

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