Recipe Binder DIY

If you follow my Facebook page updates, you might remember that last week I was asking for ideas for a new way to store my most used recipes. I wanted something a bit prettier than my plain gray plastic recipe box, and something that the kids wouldn’t be able to make a mess of as easily.

I originally had been looking for DIY recipe boxes, but several of you ladies said that a regular binder with the recipes stores in plastic sheet protectors worked best for you. Practically overcame my desire for something just pretty and girly, so I decided to go with a binder.

This also ended up being cheaper (free, in fact) since I already had everything I needed on hand. Frugal is good!

This is what I came up with.

recipe binder DIY

I chose some pretty scrapbooking paper and cut it to size to fit the spine and front of my binder.
I then used my cricut and some homemade modge podge to add the text to the cover page. The Top Secret text came from the Cricut Sampler Cartridge, and I used Jasmine Font for the Recipes text.

I had found some inexpensive Post-it tab labels at the dollar store to make the different sections in my binder.  So far I have put Soups, Salads/Sides, Entrees, Crockpot, Bread, Desserts, and Misc. I think I’ll also add in Drinks, Breakfast, and maybe Canning.
Recipe Binder DIY
I used 8.5×11″ cardstock for the divider pages. I was running short of plastic page protectors, so saw no need to put the divider pages in protectors. Because the page protectors make the recipe pages wider, the tabs wouldn’t show if I put them on the side of the page. This is why I put them on the tops of the divider pages.

That’s about it! The rest is slowly filling up with recipes we use often and enjoy. I’ve been putting recipes that I want to try first in the front pocket of the binder. I put plain white paper in each page protector, and either tape recipe cards to it, or write the recipes directly onto the paper. I thought about using a pretty paper for this instead, but realized that eventually I would run out and couldn’t be sure of finding the same papers again. I thought it would look neater and more uniform if I just used white paper.

Recipe Binder DIY

So, there you have it! A DIY Recipe Binder.

How do you organize your recipes?

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  1. This is the exact same method I use and I love it! Another thing I like to do is remove the plastic protective sheet containing the recipe I want to make, clip it to a magnetic clip and stick it to the fridge. Since I have a [somewhat] small kitchen I need all the counter space I can get! It also makes the recipe easier to refer to. :)

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