Meal Plan Monday June 18

meal plan

The last few weeks my husband and I have realized just how much we’d been spending on food, both by eating out and by not planning our meals. That has to change! So the last few weeks we’ve been planning our meals almost entirely by what we already have in the house. We’ve been using up frozen veggies that came from our garden last year and looking in the back corners of our pantry to see what canned stuff we had.

I’m pleased to say that all we’ve really had to buy the last few weeks were cereal, fresh fruit, milk, and bread. My husband even managed to plan out menus for the next 3 weeks using what we already have on hand.

So, here is this week’s menu.

Monday- Maple sausages and mashed potatoes (these we bought over the weekend since we happened to be right by a very good butcher. It’s been probably close to a year since we’ve had GOOD sausage so I was willing to splurge!)
Tuesday- Hamburgers
Wednesday- Hot chicken sandwiches
Thursday- Steak (not sure what side dishes yet)
Friday- Crockpot lasanga
Saturday- Baked chicken wings (using a homemade flour and spice mix)
Sunday- Ribs and french fries

What are you cooking this week?

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