After-birth abortion?

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Yup, you read that right.

I recently read an article that talks about 2 ethicists who claim that  “killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be.” Their claims were published in a major medical ethics journal.

Um, beg your pardon?

I thought doctors pledged to “do no harm.”

One of the biggest arguments that abortion is justifiable was that the baby hadn’t been born yet. Now they’re saying that even if the baby has been born, alive and healthy, that it’s OK to kill them?

Another huge argument for abortion is that it should be the woman’s choice because it’s the woman’s body. After the baby has been born, the woman’s body has nothing to do with it. So how is this justifiable?

We in North America are appalled when we hear about infanticide in other countries where babies are killed because of their gender or any birth defects. Is this not more appalling?

Basically, the article states that if having  taking care of the baby will be too hard on the parents, whether socially, financially, or psychologically, it’s should be ethically permissible to kill the baby.

I suppose that a living, breathing human being isn’t that important if the people who brought him or her into the world decide that being a parent is too hard.

How have we as a society become so hardened that we don’t value a new life?

I would think it would be more psychologically damaging to the parents to have to live with the fact that they murdered their baby after the baby was born alive.

Where is the line going to be drawn? It’s socially acceptable to kill the unborn and the very ill. Now they’re suggesting that it’s alright to kill a newborn baby. What’s next? I don’t think I want to know.



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  1. This is horrible. It does make you wonder what is next. It scares me to think where this culture is heading. So many lack proper morals and values, I pray things turn around.

  2. It is horrifying but the is not surprising to me, as I recently discovered that they do this to elderly as well. When my grandmother fell ill a few months ago they put her down like a dog. Shocking as it may be, I had no idea that you could pull the plug on someone that was breathing on their own and wasn’t on life support in any way. They gave her medication to slow down her breathing until they medicated her to death. Was it her time? She was 82 years old and lead a good life but it was only her time because my family and the doctors decided it was. :(
    Angela Michels

  3. Praying for you and your family. This whole thing is evil. Disgusting. Terrible. But I am not surprised. The Bible has so much to say about these last days. My hope is in Jesus. So many things like this can be hard to take but I can pray.

  4. I have to agree with June, My hope is in JESUS!

    I think as I read this I almost had vomit in my mouth… so disturbing. :( :( It is very sad. It actually makes me want to consider adoption or fostering more.

  5. They were not talking about perfect and healthy children in their argument. They were referring to children that had some defect that was not detected in utero that would possibly have caused parents to abort otherwise, because the life of the child would be heavily impacted in a negative way, to the point where their life, and subsequently their parents lives, would be miserable.

    Why did you not post the complete argument?

    • RamblingsMom :

      From how I understood the article, they were saying that anyone could decide to do this for any reason. That would include children who had no defect. The article said:

      The authors highlight that the justification for “after-birth abortion” is based on the interests of the people involved, not those of the baby.

      “If criteria such as the costs (social, psychological, economic) for the potential parents are good enough reasons for having an abortion even when the fetus is healthy…” (emphasis mine)

      I certainly didn’t intend to censor anything, I just said it how I understood it.

      • First of all, Ramblingsmom-I took it the same way you did.
        Second of all, Liz and anyone else who feels a having a child with issues would make the parents lives miserable has obviously never had the blessing of loving and being loved a one of these special people!
        I have not only worked with special needs children and adults in every aspect of their lives (infant, school, group home, job skill, assisted living, living on their own, and all the way up to being with them and their families at the moment they passed away) I also gave birth to a son with special needs. Unlike so many of us in today’s society, they LOVE unconditionally.
        When my son was diagnosed in utero, the doctor told me he would be a burden and I needed to abort him. She was adamant about it to the point of being willing to put my life in jeopardy just to prove her beliefs. She made it very apparent that if she could get away with it, she would force me to murder my child!
        My husband and I had to fight for his right to even exist! We switched to doctors that realized we were his parents and they helped us through. He was born alive 1 day shy of full term (almost unheard of for his diagnosis) everything the doctors swore by the textbooks as far as what he would and would not do, he defied all of it! People do not know and neither do textbooks. They were positive his diagnosis would kill him because the books said so. The books said nothing of what actually killed him, that had absolutely nothing to do with his illness.
        By the way, the testing done during pregnancy is not 100% accurate, neither are the ones done after delivery. The people doing the testing are humans therefore subject to making mistakes. Even the ones giving the care, advice, or information make mistakes. There are so many babies the doctors are positive are not compatible with life, but when they are born are perfectly fine. No one should decide when a life ends but God Almighty himself!
        There have been cases of young women being forced by others to have abortions because their families felt it would be too much for the girls to deal with. Guess what the girls are dealing now, with remorse and guilt at not being able to stand up for their babies.
        If this type of thing continues, it will be robbing EVERY person of their rights.
        ( Sorry for rambling on your blog…. I tend to go on and get on my soapbox when the subject at hand is one I have deep rooted feelings for.)

        • RamblingsMom :

          You don’t have to be sorry at all! Thanks so much for being so open and sharing your experiences.

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