Re-purposed Sweater Dress

I love Pinterest. Have I mentioned that before? Not long ago I saw yet another pin that I had to try. And here is the result!

sweater dress

I used a tutorial from the site Make it and Love it.

I made the dress while Annie was napping, and discovered when she woke up that I’d made the neck too tight, but I was able to fix this by cutting a short slit straight down at the back of the neck, covering the raw ends with the leftover piece of neckband, and putting a button on one side of the opening, and a loop of yarn on the other. Now the dress fits easily over her head and I can fasten it closed.

I think I need to head to the thrift store and get more old clothes!

Do you have a favourite tutorial or re-purposing craft? Or one that you’d like to try?








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