And then there was 1..

…in diapers I mean!

That’s right! Tobi is officially potty trained, day and night even!

Those of you who know me and my family personally will know that I’ve struggled with this for a LONG time. I’ve tried several times in the last 1.5 years to potty train Tobi, but it would just become a fight that I couldn’t deal with. Every time I’d put him in undies, he’d throw a fit. Then he’d pee in them 5 minutes later, and cry. After he’d pee in them 5 or 6 times in a row, I started telling him to take them off himself, and he’d throw a fit. And it was the same thing every time, so I finally decided for my sanity’s sake that I wouldn’t push it any more, even if he WAS almost 4 years old.

The last couple of months he was complaining now and again that his diapers were hurting him around the waist, since he was outgrowing them. Last Monday, I finally told him, “Guess what, we ran out of diapers that fit you. You’re too big. You are going to HAVE to wear undies from now on.” He spent some time telling me that he liked the diapers hurting him (lol), then finally accepted it.

And then he was potty trained! He’s had only a couple of accidents, and all of them he would just pee a bit then run to the potty. We’ve gone out on errands twice, to church once, and he’s stayed dry for all of it, even when we were out several hours. Even overnight, he’s been staying dry so far, except for one small accident on Saturday morning in which he couldn’t get his pj pants down fast enough.

I’m so proud for my boy :)

On the other hand, Annie’s been having a LOT of accidents lately. I think it’s attention seeking for the most part, so I’ve been trying to make sure to spend more quality time with her. Overall, she’s still doing well though and I have to keep in mind that she IS only 2.

But having only one child in diapers? That hasn’t happened since Annie was born over 2 years ago! A direct answer to prayer that both big kids would be potty trained by the end of summer. :)

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