30 Days of Getting Organized: The Bathroom

Getting Organized

We are blessed to have 2 full bathrooms in our home; one on each level. Since the kids are downstairs most of the day, and therefore so are we, the main bathroom is the downstairs one. The problem? The downstairs bathroom is tiny and has very little storage.

This vanity looks innocent enough, right?Bathroom Organization

Beware opening it. This is where we have all of our towels and facecloths stored. Why are some on the floor? That’s where they fell when I opened the doors.

Bathroom Organization

Did I say “all of our towels?” I meant almost all of them. Some of them don’t fit, so they’re sitting on the back of the toilet, just waiting for young toddlers to pull them into the toilet. Yes, it’s happened. The toilet was also filled with a full roll of toilet paper and several other bathroom items. But I digress.

We do have some shelves, as you can see, but they’re very unorganized. Basically, our storage motto is “the more chemicals it has (or messier it is), the higher it goes.” Not a bad motto, but it’s a bit incomplete. Especially since 90% of the items taking up our precious storage are only used 5% of the time..if that. Why? Because really, I have no idea what’s up there.Bathroom Organization

So, off to Pinterest I went, looking up Bathroom Storage. A few ideas and a lot of motivation later, this is what I ended up with.

bathroom organization

Cleaning products up high, a few spare towels rolled up, and bath supplies for the kids are where I can reach them while I kneel by the tub. Tealight candles occupy a shelf that I didn't want to gather clutter.

bathroom organization

Facecloths, extra loofas, and Louis' spare razors each have their own home now.

bathroom organization

Extras are cleared off the counter.

bathroom organization

Spare towels are rolled up, and stay in the cupboard! Lotions and other toiletries are organized, and ones I didn't like and never used were thrown away.

Now, we’ll see how long it stays this nice!

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  1. I live in a very small Craftsman home. I roll my towels as well. Under the sink are tubs…1 for first aid supplies, 1 for cleaning supplies, stacked toilet paper. On the toilet are 2 tagged bins with my girls hair supplies (brushes, combs, large clips). I have a small index card holder that holds Qtips/cotton balls. You are doing great!

  2. Visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop! Nice to meet you! I’ve got so much organizing to do – recently finished clearing out our basement classroom so now I actually don’t cringe walking into the room! I have a storage closet in the basement to purge and organize as well as a menacing floor to ceiling cabinet in our kitchen. I’ll use your post as my motivation to begin and take before and after photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I roll up my towels, too! It’s nice to see a clean bathroom.

  4. 30 days of getting organized…I could dream!
    Actually, we closed on this, our first home, this past year on March 2.
    It only took me 2 weeks to unpack and organize everything. Most were in total amazement. Oh, I say everything, which isn’t exactly true….my husband wouldn’t let me touch much of his stuff, which has been in totes for 10 years and mostly just moved from house to house. I did get him to fill the polycart once with junk but that was it. His totes of stuff now sit in the rafters of the garage where 10 years from now they will probably still be!

    Something happened in the months since we moved in and most things have not stayed orgazined. Part due to me being so busy with a million things, but part being because of my daughter and her 5 children moving in.

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