My husband’s new company website,,  is finally ready! He started this on-line business a couple of years ago, but lack of time forced him to put it on the back-burner. Don’t ask me how he has more time now that we have 3 kids instead of 1, and he has a 1hr commute each way to work instead of 15 minutes, but he’s managed to re-design his business and get it back online!

We really feel that God loves for families to be around each other more often than not, so it would be great if eventually Louis could work this business from home as our main source of income instead of him being away from the home so much during the week.

I’d mentioned that Louis had moved my blog from blogger to wordpress; that is only a tip of the iceberg of computery things Louis can do for you! As you can see on the ChristiaTech site, he can also do site optimization, set you up with quality web hosting, and more! (I can’t tell you EVERYTHING he does in this post now can I? Otherwise, you might not go to his site to see for yourself!) Louis was totally appalled when a friend told us how much she was looking at to pay to have simple site work done; God doesn’t want us to rip other people off! Because of this, you can rest assured that Louis’ prices are fair! In fact, if you sign up for web hosting under a company he is affiliated with, Louis will transfer your blog from Blogger to WordPress for free!

So, if you have any kind of site work that needs to be done, check out!

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