Summer Homeschool – Rain Clouds

With the threat of rain this morning, I thought, why not review what we learned about rain a couple of weeks ago? (This is when I realized that I didn’t post our first rain activity, when I thought I had..oops!)


I got out the supplies we’d need for our new rain craft. Paper, glue, cotton balls, paintbrush, and a small bowl of water.

Home School Rain Clouds

First, we glued down the cotton balls to the top of the paper. Insta-clouds!

Home School Rain Clouds
Home School Rain Clouds

Next, we talked about what clouds were made of, and how rain happens. I then asked Tobi to make rain. I had expected him to just paint water onto the paper below the cotton balls, but he surprised me.

Instead, he painted water ONTO the cotton balls. Then he told me they were ready to rain. He got them really wet, then pulled one off and made it drip all over the page. Smart cookie!

Home School Rain Clouds
Home School Rain Clouds

Annie had fun with this as well. She always is up for playing with glue, and she enjoyed squishing the cotton balls into the water.

Home School Rain Clouds

This is why we homeschool! Awesome Fun!

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  1. Christie Cottage :

    What a cute project!


  2. Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith :

    Even more then the project, the two little crafters are adorable.

  3. Thank you…I didn't realize until after that Annie had been wearing her raincoat and rain boots haha

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